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      Hi Johnny one & all,
      It was good to see your sax cast broadcast. Although I was not able to join in (Thailand is not in a great timezone for that) I was able to see that many of us are struggling through the altissimo course. I was particularly reassured when you mentioned that high G is the most difficult to get. I been trying and on occasions can get it, but then it seems to depart without warning. I can mange this through going from F to F# to G, using the front f key. So, it’s kind of a run up. I tried again today and could get it for longer without it changing to D or Eb. I am trying to register my position and posture to make this more of a regular thing. Is that what I should be doing? I thought that way I can try it without the run up.


        yes, I think the “run up” is the best way to tackle it. this way you can “hear” the steps going up to it and being able to hear is a lot of it.
        if you can get it, even a little your job now is to maintain it for longer. the secret is to hold that feeling of when it is that you ARE getting it. So, you have given us some very good news that you can at least hit it, if even for a short moment.


          Okay, thanks. I’ll keep going then and see if I can hold it for longer and regularly.


            Yea G is a beast!
            I play F# G# and A altissimo regularly on a live basis but the dang G isn’t as easy! Luckily most of my stuff is in F# {darn guitar player}. Lol. So I honestly don’t use G often. But need to keep at it for when I do need to!
            Keep at it!


              Jake, if you’re good with the F# just practice rolling all fingers off except your 1st right hand finger which should be on the top key (forked F# fingering)…..make sense?

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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