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      Wow. Amazing Ebay book i’ve bought and dowloaded, ya amazing! I can’t believe the wealth of data and info.

      Needed to copy link to download after purchase before it expired in a week. Check it out if interested.

      Further, suggest see Seller’s other items. You will find that on RHS being several lines under, “Seller Information”



        the alto version is also on amazon

        last time i used ebay was 2yrs ago, i ordered some medical face masks to wear and i’m still waiting for them to turn up – never used ebay after that. Just my bad luck.

        is it right that the cd doesn’t include a sax player?


          Hi James good buddy, thanks kindly for sharing, heya i’m ever so sorry to hear of your bad Ebay experience. It is probably best there to use Paypal where you can get a valid refund. And leave negative feedback, and to report the Seller. I think the version i’ve listed is different ‘though, it has more than several books. Check it out. The first one in there is a bilingual English / German one about tenor blues sax which is particuraly good. But not as good as John’s lessons or songs or backing tracks! Cheers

          ~ I took saxophone lessons for six months…
          …until I dislocated my jaw. How did I know I was supposed to blow in the small end?

          ~ What do you call someone that plays Tenor and Alto saxophone?

          ~ A Roman walks in to a music store and asks for a box of sax reeds.
          “What strength would you like?” asks the employee.
          The Roman holds up two fingers and says, “FIVE.”

          ~ Just sold my homing pigeon on eBay …
          … for the 23rd time.



            funny you should mention pay pal, the last time i used them years ago, my credit card was cloned through some website – never used pay pal after that – just my bad luck.

            …the other day i couldn’t get the needle off my record player, it was playing “stuck on you”

            does the music supplied with your music book include a sax player?


              sx poet, nope, sax player did not come with the music book(s) to utter stuff like, practice safe sax, i reed a lot, i play heavy metal, sorry i tooted, may the lungs be with you, spit happens etc
              did you manage to obtain one?


                No i haven’t considered buying yet. I’ve got over 20 alto sax music books with cd’s, enough to last several years.
                I only buy the music books that have an alto sax playing on the cd, as i like to hear how it’s played on alto, that way i can tell if i’m playing it right.

                With JF’s backing tracks played on Tenor, i use software to transpose the music to Eb, so i can hear the sax being played in Eb instead of Bb, makes it easier to play my alto at the same time as listening to the backing track played in Eb instead of Bb.

                Recently i’ve started playing on a Bb clarinet, so now i can use Tenor music sheets.


                  Whoo hoo, sx poet! Welcome to the world of only two semitones up! What would Glenn Miller even say!?


                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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