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    Not being familiar with it, it took me a couple of minutes to work out
    how to place it on the mouthpiece in the correct place. Which is a minor
    detail (otherwise you wont be able to blow a note correctly).

    It came with an exercise sheet where you start on Low Bb, and play it 4 times like in the instructions shown on the jpg above.
    Then you move chromatcally up the sax etc…

    You do need a tuner, to make sure that you are blowing the correct pitch and in tune, ie not flat or sharp.

    Ok, it took me about 5 minutes to blow a Low Bb properly. I managed to
    work my way up to middle F above middle C. Once you’ve worked our how to
    blow a note correctly it’s a lot easier.

    The hard bit is controlling the note with wind from the diaphragm,
    and believe me it does make a difference, its the only way you can
    actually feel that you are using the diaphragm properly, and you
    cant blow a note without using the diaphragm.

    Amazing device, can’t fault it, forget all this crap about opening the
    throat and blowing hot air. When you blow a note using the Aurus 7, you
    are using the diaphragm to hold the pitch in tune, and i was amazed to
    see the tuner needle exactly spot on with no wavering when blowing out
    for a count of 4 beats.

    The amazing thing is it shows you that when you are using the diaphragm
    properly to blow out, you get such a lot easier steady pitch with no needle wavering on the tuner.

    But and a big but, when take the aurus 7 off, the difference in playing is
    staggering, you get a far bigger sound, the tone is miles better, and the
    embouchure is so much more relaxed, that it makes the reed so much more

    What i did notice, was that i had to relax my fingers a hell of a lot
    more as they weren’t used to playing with such a relaxed embouchure.So
    at times, fingers were slightly out of sync with blowing which was a
    strange feeling – just like when you drive a different car, you take sometime to adjust to the foot pedals.

    It’s definitely a warm up exercise, you wouldn’t want to play
    longer than 10 minutes, otherwise you may get light headed.
    You will notice a HUGE difference in the sax tone , loudeness,
    faster response of the reed, and so much easier to flatten or sharpen a
    pitch, and a way more relaxed top lip, and a hell of a lot steadier pitch.

    I couldn’t believe the difference, i can see why sax and clarinet
    teachers are using them with students of all levels of playing.

    Thumbs up from me, will definitely carry on using it



    whoo hoo i’m a believer and gonna track one down
    you are the MAN
    thanx @sxpoet for sharin’



    my teacher showed me the aurus 7 last week, and i was very sceptical
    about it, especialy the price tag, his response was, wouldn’t you
    give anything a try to see if it might improve your sound?

    I initially thought, it’s going to be one of those things that you have
    to practice doing for several weeks before you notice a difference.
    I noticed the difference straight away. couldn’t believe it.



    My Sax teacher is a working Pro with a lifetimes experience of playing in various
    bands, orchestras etc also been a band leader in lots of bands as well as
    orchestra conducting etc

    He bought the Aurus 7 a few weeks ago, and being a busy person, hasn’t
    had a chance to try his out yet. My response was “at your level of playing, you
    don’t need to improve”, His response was something along the lines “always looking
    for room for improvement”.

    When he has had a chance to try it out, i’ll let you know what he thinks
    about the aurus 7, for someone at his standard of playing which is way
    over my head.

    brother cavefish
    brother cavefish

    why are you buying all these gimmicks , just play the horn,, your diaphram will be fine, you could have gotten a MP or reeds, food for thought be careful about teachers sometime they KEEP you, longer than needed, honestly you need to just play and practice



    i haven’t bought any other gimmicks that i know of, this is the 1st one
    i’ve ever bought that you could consider a gimmic, as recommended trying out by my sax teacher.

    I’ve bought a lot of Aps that are very useful, tuner, metronome,
    multitrack recorder, microphone, sax stand, cleaning cloths etc..

    to me the idea of using a fiber reed is just a gimmick, until i
    try one i wont know. I haven’t got the desire to use a fiber reed
    as i’m ok at the moment with the sound when using cane reeds.

    But Cavefish, thanks for taking time to share your concern, as i know
    it is genuine, well intended and sound in advice.



    hi @sxpoet i can see you are getting a cane-ing by @brother cavefish lol
    so Guys
    anyways i do like my sax lab silencer and neck strap which have turned out handy gimmicks
    Apps too #handygimmicks

    Friendly sound advice exhibited to blow hard which is good for the Forum, blow hard or go home

    Loosen up now
    honestly changing to a synethetic reed
    Bari M made in USA

    best thing ever

    Or, i reckon give the hemp reed here on line a go, and a blow,
    it is genuine, well intended and sound in advice.
    so howz about if you get one, a hemp reed, to try Yo i will get one too then and we can give critical valued judgement in a what may transpire to be a teeethy matter , could be lotsa fun ‘eh

    keep smilin’ y’all 🙂 .

    @strawberries extra





    i’m waiting for a reed made out of boomerangs,
    so i can enjoy the sound returning to me
    when i play the sax. lol

    brother cavefish
    brother cavefish

    oh hey brother, sorry for coming on so strong, i could have left out the first few words, LOL, i just hate to see young players or old get sucked into things, Golf the another one, holy clams get this and that club, the perfect club,, just play and practice, at least you have enthusiasm thats the ticket,, good job

    brother cavefish
    brother cavefish

    for me i have not found a synth reed that feel right, maybe the hemp one but its to expensive to just try,, i hear the resin man,, for me cane is the best, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRUsujkbtTc SAX uk does a sick comparison on reeds and you get great grip on what sound might interest you,, there is around 3 or 4 videos vandoren, d adarrio, hemke etc many more its very interesting, i have tried a boatload of reeds, and mouthpieces and they are all different , i have 10+ mouthpieces and each one reacts differently i have V16s, Hemkes, Javas, rico select , vandoran trads, gonzales, alexanders etc and they react different on each MP, not to mention one could get a crap reed too,, dang i ruined some reeds by dipping them in listerine they friggen molded, LOL,, reeds and MPs are an effort man, finally got some sweet ones

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