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    Philip Terry

      Help! I need somebody. Not just anybody but some who can advise how to achieve an Altissimo G on a Yamaha Yas 23 w/ unknown mouthpiece and ligature.ligature.Thank you!


        1st of all there isn’t a specific fingering key position on the sax to play an altissimo G, there’s several different fingering positions and they don’t work when you blow them.

        2nd to play any altissimo note, there are several different finger key positions to play any altissimo note, but they don’t work.

        3rd when you play any altissimo note, you are actually playing what is called an overtone.

        4th you can play lots of different overtones on any sax key fingering position.

        So start by learning how to play overtones first, once you can master how to blow overtones, then you’l realise that altissimo G is just another overtone. Could take several weeks, could take several months, but it is doable.

        check out johnny’s altissimo course – that’s how i did it in a few months.

        Philip Terry

          Thank you for taking the time to assist. Your advice is what I needed.



            right, that’s one of THE most common misconceptions and one of the most common questions you hear.
            The secret isn’t in the finger positions nearly as much as the specific techniques needed.
            That’s why when going thru a real system / course on the subject the fingering part doesn’t even get introduced until about 75% of the way through.


              Yay sx poet they might well do, Sound of Silence for me then.
              Jolly good show hey what!


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            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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