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    Lou Canning

      Hi Johnny watched all your videos absolutely brill can you do a video that explains the Clark Terry method, a few of the sax players who have made comments on your site have commented on the way you explain things for us beginners I hope this message is not to long,I will send you the YouTube link if I can but if not type in Clark Terry & watch it's amazing I think this will help all sax players.others.

      Terry is in his element when he works with students. In the master trumpet class, he coaxes, cajoles and growls in an effort to share his gift with six classically trained trumpeters, trying to push them into new territory. "Take the vowels A, E, I, O, U," he instructs. "Now, think in terms of different levels, different highs, different lows."

      "Noo-dell soup doesn't taste like noodle soup," he quips, accenting the final syllable of the word. "Well, maybe with classical trumpet it does." Soon he's got the group dropping syllables and swinging. Then it's on to hum, buzz and flutter tonguing.

      "Dooba, dooba, dooba," Terry mumbles, with the mouthpiece of his shiny blue trumpet still at his lips. "Doodle, deedle, daddle." The language of jazz, interpreted by Clark Terry. ~

      Check out this video on YouTube: 29 minutes into the video Clark does is stuff that I would like explained if you want to fast forward to that point
      Clark Terry – Student Performance and Master Class – ArtistshouseMusic Many thanks I hope all who watch this enjoy

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