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    Steve Horgan

      Hi Jonny,

      Just tried to get my fourth song of the current month purchased and downloaded. When I entered the coupon code I get two messages on the check out screen. The first says the code has been accepted and the second says is invalid. The upshot is the discount had not been applied. I’ve got three others successfully purchased and downloaded, but seem to be having a problem with my fourth song

      Many thanks



        Ok Steve, everything looks ok from my end so I’ll need to pass this along to my tech. Will have more info soon I hope.
        Meanwhile do try it again making sure you are signed in to the site and possibly try a different song to see if anything changes.

        Steve Horgan


          Thx for the reply. Tried again this morning. Made sure I was logged in. Tried whiter shade of pale and got the same outcome as I did with wonderful tonight yesterday. I can get the song to the cart, when I try to add the coupon code it initially says it’s accepted then I get another message saying it’s not valid. The two messages appear one above the other on the screen.

          I’ve also tried capitalising the code but that says the code is not recognised, so I think I’m using the right code but the system is not recognising I’ve got one song left this month (or at least I think I do)

          Thx for your help

          Richard Snepar

            i am having the same problem

            Steve Horgan

              Just a thought… Is there a money amount associated with the coupon codes that I might inadvertently have exceeded? I’ve noticed some songs are more expensive than others. Have I chosen more costly ones that mean I’ve exceeded a limit when I try to add a fourth song?

              As I say, don’t really know what is causing the problem, but just a thought…

              anthony russo

                Yes, I am having the same issue with utilizing the coupon code as well. Also, not able to purchase the most recent song.


                Leo Salu

                  Hello Johnny, guess that coupon code has become invalid I have two songs left to go and can not get it to work, and August is almost over.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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