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Home Alt Forums General Questions Flat Out in Septerber 2023 suggest you put my downloads on hold for the month

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    Darryl Wright

      Hi Johnny, The band I am in is adding 4 new songs two of which are Mack the Knife and Summertime plus two Bruce Springsteen songs so I am flat out with that musically in September. Im new and not sure how your system works but I suggest you hold back on sending me other lessons I signed up for in September to avoid me getting overloaded. If you cannot thats fine I will get to the stuff.

      I have downloaded Mack the Knife and Summertime and just love your playing and lesson structure. I’m happy as I finally found the right place to learn.

      John Wilson

        Hi Jonny
        I purchased Blueberry Hill from you a number of years ago.
        I tried to play it on my Windows media player and it has lost the backing track.
        It used to be there but now its lost it.
        Can you please send the track to me again.
        Kind Regards,
        John Wilson


          John first please sign in and check your “purchase history”link which can be found on top menu under “checkout”

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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