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      hats off to the one styler, going in and out of style.

      When it comes to appreciating music, some folks value one style of music over all other styles of music. ex you may be a ‘Rock & Roller’ and certainly not a ‘Classical Music’ follower.

      There’s nothing wrong with that, everyone has their different tastes. This is also why you spend more time practicing/playing your favoured style of music.


      Next time, get hold of some music sheets of the most boring type of music style that doesn’t float your boat. Spend a day working through these sheets, make your self miserable by forcing yourself to work through them. Most importantly experience the feeling of what it is like to playing different styles of music sheets, compared to listening to them.

      What’s the benefit of wasting time doing this? it has strong psychological impacts on improving how you play your most favoured style of music sheets with more intensity.
      You get back to playing your favourite style of music from a different renewed perspective. You see it in a different light.

      Exploration of variety spices up originality, producing a more well rounded overall polished portrayal of your favourite style.

      rock on


        My seeing eye glasses frame broke, sense lost, reading music with one eye


          close your eyes and play the sax. This enhances your auditory senses by shutting off your visionary senses.

          The less things your mind has to be in control of while playing the sax frees up more of the mind just to focus on playing the sax – jumping up and down, tapping your feet, moving your body from side to side, looking round the room while playing, listening to next doors dog, waiting for the door bell to ring…. these are all extra unnecessary tasks your mind has to also be in control of while still try to control playing the sax. Less is More.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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