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    Mike Potter

      So a couple weeks back I came to the conclusion my Mark VI tenor was becoming unplayable and I was either going to sell it or get it set up. I decided to hang on to it and took it to my sax tech, he tore it down and it needed a bunch of work. Most of the tone holes weren’t flat, the neck tenon was out of round, the octave mechanism wasn’t reacting properly when pressed. Leaky pads, spring adjustments and a bit of neck pull down. He called me this evening and said it was ready, I asked how it was playing, he said I’m gonna Sh!t myself when I play it. I’ll need to pick up some depends before I go to get it in the morning…


        you’re a working sax player, you must be thrashing your poor sax to bits. lol

        I remember taking my daughter’s clarinet to be serviced, it was embarrassing as all the tone holes inside were caked with slobber, she never used a pull through to clean the clarinet after playing.

        She once was playing with her back close to a wall, and accidentally bashed the clarinet into the wall.. another repair job.

        The bank of dad, had to go out in the garden and get some more money off the money tree growing at the bottom of the garden to pay for the repair.


          Hey James – Wanna send me some seeds from that money tree??


            let us know how different it feels


              Mike – How did the sax over – haul turn out?

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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