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    Leo Salu

      Check out this neck strap, i have been using it for three years no neck pain the weight is distributed to shoulders
      available on amazon. I had to stop using the old single around the neck strap was causing problem with my neck.

      cost is $38.00

      Neotech Soft Harness, Swivel Hook Saxophone Strap (2501162)

        Leo Salu

          A little pricey ($339), $38 is a little more affordable and it works, I got two, one set up for the alto and another set up for the tenor.


            you can’t put a price on comfort.

            i use a cheaper harness



              my harness has a plastic hook.
              If you look on the website that sells my harness,
              this is what it says about the various hooks that you can select with the harness

              The Plastic Hook breaks at about 125 pounds (56 kg).

              The Metal Hook breaks at about 133 pounds (60 kg).

              The Plastic covered Metal Hook starts to bend open at about 75 pounds (34 kg).

              So the sax weight shouldn’t break the hook.

              Leo Salu

                Mine has the plastic hook, seems to be pretty strong, so far so good….and the shoulder pads add to the comfort of the Harness. Played at a Christmas party the other day and had the Sax on it for a number of hours no problem!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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