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    brother cavefish
    brother cavefish

    after the 4th score i guess its called … in the beginning , g d g a b f#,, would it be better for the b to be Bb, seems a little high,, just curious Johhny, by the way thanks thats a great one and the notes are appreciated,, are they original or your compilation



    Hey @brother
    hi, howz thangs?
    Peace and love. Rainbows and mungbeans. Seaweed and lobsters.
    Trust you are mellowing down easy. IN the fish cave like.

    Hi @johnny
    whatz happening? thanx

    brother cavefish
    brother cavefish

    i tell you what ,, there are a few good versions out there juan mena and the viscounts,, i like Johnnys lower key version,, to me its more mysterious like a movie background, i think i will concentrate on that one,as a foundation and then build my own ornamentation,, every one has signature moves, you can hear Johhnnys,, you can also hear Lee allens, his style i use a slow downer program to catch his slips, drags and flow— and i am an old dude, i play by ear i can hear something,i learn it and play it , but i like so much i forget the last thing i learned, sorta ,,but its like starting over ,, not fast jazz personally i think its just gobby gook



    Hi diddly yodely dum dah di do my brother!
    I canna type @BrotherCavefish coz it no go
    like gaps in a toothy smile
    but hi!! 🙂
    me 2 nearly old bugger
    viz 59 this year
    “old men are but twice boys”
    i like Johnny;s deep tones too
    but just learning my highf# (viz fork f),
    top bis key, c, g, octave key and low side bar
    trying some other variations i’ll post later ok
    how do you hit it??

    do you know the low riff where you fall offa the F# to key under side bars?? on one of Johnny’s tutes .. somewhere

    mate do you use @sxpoet app anytune pro to slow airs down? or windows media player?
    something else? like to monkey around with?? Ta

    i am learning to play by ear, the lessons are sinking in, FINALLY< i hear it in my head and reach for it
    i likaa that sayin –
    “fortune is within your grasp, just reach for it.”

    i 2 find the fast jazz a bit of a wank however it is gaining on me
    maybe i am becoming more of a wanker as i get on? you think so??



    I’m not a big jazz fan, the only reason i like to practice some play jazz, is because their technique
    is fascinating, they really work technique to the bone, they read sheet music timing different to
    classical music sheet timing. Think Pink Panther, and big brass band stuff.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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