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    When i buy Johnny’s backing tracks, i put them on my ipad to play through speakers, which is fine, but i also convert the youtube video to mp3 and copy that to my ipad so i can listen to how JF plays it on his sax.

    The online youtube video conversion web site i used last year, no longer exists, and i tried searching for another online conversion website, and
    all the ones i found either crash or get blocked by my virus software as being malicious downloaders.

    Does anyone know of a reliable online conversion website that works?

    brother cavefishbrother cavefish

    been looking for this one, too, but i want a mp4 converter


    It’s ok, i managed to convert the youtube videos to mp3 online on my ipad, play the converted files on my ipad, then save them in dropbox on my ipad, so later on i can access them on my laptop in dropbox, and then load them into iTunes, and copy them back to my ipad as normal tunes


    sxpoet is this the one you were using:
    funny, I was gonna recommend it cause been using it for years and it’s not connecting so am thinking it’s the one you were using as well.
    if not maybe it’s just down temporarily.


    The U-tube MP3 convertor is going to be shut down according to this web page.

    Notice of closure


    Hi Johnny, that’s the website i used in the past, it no longer works.

    it would handy, for future downloads, to also include an audio track with the sax playing as well as the backing track. I’m sure the movie software has an option to save the video as an audio file.


    I can probably do that.
    too bad about that one shutting down tho….the article mentioned it was the largest of such sites so maybe there’s some other ones out there!?


    See if this program will work for you.

    Free Switch program

    I use it to convert midi files to wav, but it does other formats too.

    Supported Audio File Formats – wav, mp3, wma, m4a, ogg, avi, mid, flac, mov, amr, aac, au, aif, raw,
    dvf, vox, cda, gsm, dss, wmv and many more audio formats.

    Audio Converter Power Features
    Extract audio from DVD
    Convert music from midi to wav etc.
    Normalize audio levels
    Batch convert thousands of files


    thanks Jeff but I meant converting an mp3 audio file from a youtube video. I think that program just converts a certain audio file to another type of audio file.


    Ok guys I found one that’s working:

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