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      Hey guys, Klaus from Dallas reached out to me today to share this:



        i’m almost tempted to get an emeo sax



          i’m almost tempted to get an emeo sax


            $1500? Too much for me. I’ll just keep playing my tenor. Time to practice sub tones


              Wow! Thanking you @John, he sure has a range and diversity in his electric tone! Love it. ♥

              You don’t oft see the sax neckstrap worn sideways like that, guitar like ..

              What would King Curtis, say, make of all this?
              And like Klaus asks, Adolph Rickenbacker, Les Paul, or Leo Fender??

              SEE (From F/B Best Saxophone Ever Website)



              —— / ——

              From Klaus’s YOUTUBE post ~

              This video is to demo Klaus Milbitz’s PowerSax (electric saxophone). It’s a compilation from a live recording session in Feb. 2022 (only microphones – no direct-to-board, and no post audio production). Listen on a serious sound system/headphones to hear what it really sounds like.

              Some comments about the PowerSax:
              • plays chords (power, 7th, etc.), up to 4 notes, any voicing
              • as loud as a guitar – it goes to 11
              • wide range of tones and effects
              • movement controls sustain, harmonies, etc.
              • it’s wireless – run, jump, kick, spin
              • everything is programmable/changeable
              • works with any sax
              • this is no one-trick pony or novelty
              • imagine when a Hendrix or Townsend, or a Lenny P or Leo P gets their hands on one.

              (Question for doubters, nay-sayers, and poo-pooers: If Adolph Rickenbacker, Les Paul, or Leo Fender had shown you their first electric guitars in the 1930s-40s, what would your response have been?


                well, King Curtis used what he had in his time which was the wah-wah pedal which of course was made for electric guitar.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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