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    Matthew Staples

      Often times when I am taking a solo in my blues band, I build up to a point where I want to scream out a high E to F# (I still can’t altissimo). However, just when I’m going for the gold, the note will get stuck, or come out really wimpy sounding. I think I attempt to overblow and up pinching my embouchure in the process. Aside from simply practicing these notes more often, does anyone have any ideas for an actual practice routine to target this problem? Has anyone else experienced this?

      Thanks for your input in advance,



        Hi Matt, I’ve been at this awhile and I still can’t do altissimo, but we press on. My solution for a practice routine is to just arpeggiate the E, F and F# chords as if one were playing them normally. Give the notes support but don’t think in terms of having to bear down on the high notes. If we think this way we generally pinch the notes with the ensuing poor results. It helps as well to have the sound of the note in your head, which is what is needed to play altissimo, among other things. Hope this helps.


          Relax and practice the high notes over and over until you are consistent with them. you can not do altissimo on a consistent basis until you do. I remember having the same problem as you it is caused mostly by tension and when you anticipate you blow it with tension. I had to teach my self like this……make a effort to relax before you get to the note! good luck

          Matthew Staples

            Thanks for the input guys. I’ll keep at it!

            jay douglas

              Yeah Atissimo B Was A Bit Of A Bitch For Me To Hit But As Soon As I Started To Relaxe About It And Tried To Visualize That Pesky B Note In My Head I Started To Get it…..


                There’s a lot involved in the altissimo range and visualization is a big part of it!

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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