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    Haha fantastic! I will try this … I’m an aussie … so will try to adjust as necessary 😉 Thanks for everyone’s input it’s very much appreciated. The moment I get all overtones I will video myself and post it and pass on any tips and help …that helped me to encourage others. Thanks again!



    The other thing is, when you start learning overtones, you may not be able to learn them in the order 1 2 3, you might find you can do 1 2 6 etc..

    In my case i got stuck on one of them, but i found i could do one higher up,
    so i focused on the higher up overtone, and then worked down, and the overtone i was stuck on, was still the last one to master.

    Also as you start being able to do one or or two overtones, you will find you can start doing the odd altissimo note (eg altissimo G), so don’t be afraid to keep trying the odd altissimo note. But be warned even if you can hit one altissimo note, and a couple of overtones, this means you still cant play that altissimo note properly. You can play in altissimo range properly, when you can play all the overtones.

    Later on you will find when you play one altissimo note, you can play a higher altissimo note on the same key position, and you can only do that in the same manner that you play several overtones on a low Bb. So being able to do all the overtones allows you to master all the altissimo keys.

    Finally, JF’s course is very good, as when you play altissimo notes, you want to be able to play them like you play a scale, or chromatically, so the notes are easy to play (finger key wise) one after another. And there tons of altissimo key positions to play the same note, but the key positions dont allow you to play a scale smoothly with out tying your fingers up in knots.
    With JF’s course, he’s worked out key positions that flow smoothly.

    There is no reason not to adopt a different key position for any altissimo note providing you can play through a scale quite easily. There’s nothing worse than flying through a mid scale range, and then find yourself fumbling through an altissimo range due to awkward keying positions.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 38 (of 38 total)

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