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      To day I could not blow my sax. I tried my slant sig 2 mpc. my Guardala king mpc, my carbon fiber fat boy mpc and all my reeds, (carbon fiber medium and medium soft. I tried to blow straight tones but no luck. Too complicated to explain all the sounds. Here in Taos Ne Mexico there is no sax tech repair shop. Maybe tomorrow horn might blow. Not today.


        Strewth!! well, now, this puts a whole new scope on the tone of thangs ya?
        Hmmm ….
        Maybe try some nitro glycerine?
        Rock on


        Chordify below ~ on LHS press grey play button
        switch between “diagrams” and “overview”
        RHS has print
        try both
        printable version like mudmap,
        downloadable is chords to transpose


          I had the same problem, then i remembered to take the sock out of the bell from the night before.


            Thanks James. I’ll check my neck straps. Maybe the one I was using was too long or the reed was put on wrong. Room was dark


              James: My neck strap was too long. I have two “Just Joe” neck straps. Also i went back to 7* slant sig 2. My King is blowable but harder to blow.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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