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    arun kumar

      Hi Johnny,
      I have been practicing the blues exercises over the last couple of days and recording myself. If find my sound to be low pitched(dark?) compared to the your recording on youtube.

      Is it related to mouthpiece/reed or the sax itself.

      I am currently using a kessler custom standard series alto sax with Claude Lakey 6*3 alto mouthpiece and rico reeds 2 1/2.

      How can I change the pitch and make it my tone bright?

      My recording sample can be heard at this URL:



        If you’ve only been playing since beginning of this year then you are doing very good. I don’t find your tone to be dark at all.
        The Claude Lakey you’re using is actually one of the more open mouthpieces for alto so stay with it a bit longer and then try the
        7*3 later on if you have access to one.
        Listening to your recordings I think you are on the right track and can continue to improve by doing the following:

        1. spend more time playing long tones

        2. practice your breathing technique

        these exercises will help you to develop your tone and make it brighter and bigger.
        It takes time, practice and patience. I think your equipment is fine, just do the exercises recommended for now!

        good luck

        arun kumar

          Hi Johnny,
          Thank you for the feedback. I have not been practicing long tones or breathing technique so far. I will definitely include this in my daily practice.

          Thank you.



            Do those for one hour every day for one month and then compare your tone to the recordings you have today.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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