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      Here’s a different approach to improvising.

      Do the following

      a) Pick one blues scale
      b) Pick one backing track to improvise along with the blues scale
      c) Now spend between three to six months playing various combination patterns of notes along to each different chord in the backing track the list is endless).

      By the end of three to six months, you will have practiced the most boring exercises of music known to man kind, without any melodic rhyme or reason that at the end of it, it will either drive you completely mad or into a submissive gibbering wreck.

      Then, wait for it, stick the whole lot in the bin, throw away the away the chains,
      and just play along to the backing track, feel the freedom of not being tied down to a bunch of twaddle, and then surprise, the release of just being able to play what you want to play, will sound like the most beautiful improvisation in the world.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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