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Home Alt Forums Mouthpieces Is a wider MP harder to play? Is it louder/have better tone?

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    Michael Bishop

      I was checking out the video in the blog about MPs with your friend Wayne–is a wider mp more difficult to play? For example, say if a player is using a Yamaha 4C and they were thinking about trying a 5C or a 6C? How would they know whether or not they should try a wider mp? I, myself, use a Yamaha 4C and it’s working great for me. You naturally think about getting the absolute best tone in your playing that you possibly can (who doesn’t?), but don’t want to make the mistake of experimenting/changing things in an effort to make something better and then it ends up hurting you—I’ve heard a lot positive things said about Otto Link/metal type of mp, but I’ve watched videos of players who appear to be using just the good-ole Yamaha style of MP like I have and they have unbelievable tone! So it naturally makes you wonder if a metal mp is even necessary or can it really make your tone even better as many players claim. 😎

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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