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    Dmitrij Dabrowski

      Hi, Johnny
      Hope you are well and had a great weekend!

      I’m wondered if you can help.
      A few days ago – on Sat 14 I decided to get a membership -27$/month in order to be able to get a few songs per month.
      Shortly, I got a message with the login and my email address. The password is exactly the same as for my sax academy which I had purchased earlier this month.
      For some reason, I can’t use the coupon code ‘newyear’, the system shows that code is not valid when applied and that I have a different type of membership.
      I’ve sent an email with the details yesterday.

      Kind Regards,


        Hi Dmitrij, I’m also having the same problem and have posted on the forum & emailed and haven’t heard anything back, have you received any answers yet?



          Hey Nicole and dmitrij I’ve emailed you with instructions
          Sorry for the late reply I’m currently on the road so my response time isn’t as quick as normal

          Dmitrij Dabrowski

            Thank you, Johnny
            Everything works

            Nicole, I got an email on the 21st of Jan from Johnny with the approval confirmation. Since then, everything has worked fine.
            Hope it helps.


            Hi, Johny
            I bought a membership -27$/month in order to be able to get 4 songs per month.
            when I logged in, I got the code, selected the tracks and the inscription in the basket appeare “Coupon is not valid.”

            Please help me

            Best wishes

            Ken Levine

              Johnny – I am not sure how to begin a new post, so I am typing my question here.

              Will you ever sell sheet music with harmony for your songs? I would love to play duets with some of your background tracks!

              Ken Levine


            Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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