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      Hello Johnny, I have a question concerning to play in the right key.

      Since a few days a play together with a piano player. On the lyrics/notesheets is mentioned for example ‘key -6 ‘.
      How do I find the correct key for my Tenorsax ? Does ‘key minus 6’ means #F (sharp) ? Do I count down from C minus 6 which would mean #F ?? If yes, this would be the key for piano but than I still have to transpond into key for Tenorsax (Bb).
      Thanks a lot to explain….. best regards, Klaus


        Like to answer but you don’t say what key the piano music is in, You just say “key -6” so I don’t know what to base this on.
        It’s very confusing the way you explain it.
        can you post the music sheet so I can see it?


          Let’s suppose the Base Key is C . So C minus 6 would be #F (sharp)
          Or G minus 6 would be #C (sharp)

          Am I right ? So this would be the tune piano plays. But now what about Tenorsax ?

          Indeed, it’s confusing but I hope now you see what I mean…


            The intervals you mentioned are right. What I don’t understand is why you’re coming from C down to F#?
            Is your piano players music in C?
            If so, is he transposing it down to F# for the singer or what?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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