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      This is taking me ages to play

      ALTO SAX Exercise – learn to play all 12 Major 7th chords from memory

      Practice playing all the 12 Major 7th chords in the order of the Circle of Fourths
      ex in bar01 play up the sax C E G B C then play back down B G E C.
      ie playing a total of 9 notes in each bar from memory.

      bar01 bottom C E G B -C- B G E C
      bar02 bottom F A C E -F- E C A F
      bar03 middle Bb D F A -Bb- A F D Bb
      bar04 bottom Eb G Bb D -Eb- D Bb G Eb
      bar05 bottom Ab C Eb G -Ab- G Eb C Ab
      bar06 bottom Db F Ab C -Db- C Ab F Db
      bar07 bottom Gb Bb Db F -Gb- F Db Bb Gb
      bar08 middle B D# F# A# -B- A# F# D# B
      bar09 bottom E G# B D# -E- D# B G# E
      bar10 bottom A C# E G# -A- G# E C# A
      bar11 bottom D F# A C# -D- C# A F# D
      bar12 bottom G B D F# -G- F# D B G

      First of all play all 12 bars from memory without a backing track, using a metronome set to 9/8 speed of 40bpm

      Then try playing along to this Alto backing track, which is set to 9/8 speed of 40bpm.

      if you are playing Tenor Sax then you need to transpose each chord to play on Tenor. ie start playing on bar02 through to bar12, finish by playing bar01.

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