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    Michael Bishop

      I was checking out on Amazon the Selmer Mouthpiece for Alto, through the links here on the site, and noticed the ligatures they include with the Selmer MPs don’t appear to be the greatest in the world. Will the Rovner ligature that I used now work with Selmer MPs? The guys at the shop think I made the right decision by buying an inexpensive No.6 Yamaha MP first to see if it was the right size for me first before spending $100 on the Meyer–now that I know a No.6 is the size for me, then go ahead and get it–They speak very highly of Meyer, said I probably won’t find a better MP for my Alto/style of playing.
      When I get my Guardala MP in the Spring for Tenor, how close do the ones on Amazon come to the original Guardala MPs in quality, sound, reproduction, authenticity, etc.?


        I haven’t tried a newer Guardala yet so I can’t tell you that. From what I’ve heard others say is that they’re a copy of Dave’s original mp’s so I would feel confident in them.
        I’ve said it here before that Meyers are great for alto…I also include them in the 3 recommendations in my eBook if you remember. I have a Meyer 7 here for when I play alto.
        As for the ligs that come with a mp, you’re gonna get the cheapest one they can get away with including usually because they;re selling you a mp not a lig.

        Michael Bishop

          Would the Rovner ligature that I have; which was also recommended in your ebook, now I remember you mentioned the Meyers in you book too :)-are they compatible with the Meyer Mouthpieces? If they’re not compatible, which ligatures do you recommend I check out? I have become a firm believer that the right ligature can help improve our tone, the difference in the cheap ligature I had when I first started learning v.s. the Rovner I got was like night and day.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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