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      someone mentioned in the forums having problems with reeds playing fine one day and playing badly the next day probably due to vast changes in humidity/temperature?

      One of ways to get round that problem and a cheap one, that might be worth your trying – try it out on one reed for a week and see what you think – i do the following, and quite a few pro’s do as well

      Always store them in a small bottle with a lid containing 9 parts water to 1 part mouthwash when you finish playing them.

      You might think their water logged, but just dry them with your fingers – work straight away,
      and last for months.

      some other tips i’ve read – when you get a new reed, only play it for a max of 10 mins each day for the 1st week. And what ever you do, don’t play altissimo notes on the reed until a week later – it ruins them – just a tip from some pro’s in the classical field.

      great to hear anymore tips that work


        Yep… I’ve heard about not playing new reeds for long time sessions, at least during the first week or two.
        Besides, this teacher told me to wipe the reed out rubbing its vamp away with your thumb (better if you haven’t washed your hands since hours ago) on a glass surface, right after playing. Small dirt/oil particles in your finger help clogging the pores, as the saliva residues do. This protects the reed from being waterlogged and increases its life.
        Let it dry on that flat (ideally glass) surface, for about 10-20 minutes and then put it back into the reed case.

        William Cingolani

          I’ve always had a problem with mold on the reeds. Today I’m soaking a few reeds in Vodka and water. I’ll try the mouthwash and water routine too. Thanks sxpoet and Marc for the tips.


            Forgot to say – when i store my reeds in liquid platic bottles with the lid on, to prevent spilling. i keep the reeds in their little plastic cases and place them in the water bottles, to keep them flat in the liquid.
            I then mark the plastic case so i know which one i’m playing everydsy


              it also protects the reeds from being damaged by other reeds in the water.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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