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    Michael Bishop

      Hey Johnny,

      Really enjoy the lessons you included in the Daily Practice Routine/Complete Beginner’s Guide–this is EXACTLY what I need/doing to ‘reboot’ my air support, embouchure, tone, etc.. I haven’t played the Sax in almost 2 years because of recovering from Oral Surgery, so I’ll be taking my time through these lessons for the next few months. I’m not skipping any steps. When I’m working with the MP only, I can feel all of the embouchure muscles working overtime LOL
      I remember the Complete Beginner’s Guidebook, that’s the same book I bought/went through when I first found your site in 2013…kind of feels like I’m learning the Sax again 🙂
      Thanks for the great membership lessons, will be awesome to see what you add as time goes along 🙂


        I’m really glad to hear about you coming thru that and have you back playing again.
        the Beginners Guide forms the foundation for the Premium Membership with some updates and add-ons etc.
        It’s a good thing to go thru even again cause we may pick up new things and forget others so never feel cause you went thru it it’s beneath you now!

        Michael Bishop

          The one thing my recovery has forced me to do is to take notice of things in a different way because I’m forced to take a step back and revisit these steps. Mentally, I’ve never forgotten anything–my mind is still sharp with basic music theory, scales, hearing Altissimo notes in my head, blues riffs/licks, etc.. It’s the other things regarding tone, embouchure, etc. that my recovery has forced me to notice things in a different way. Even with using only the MP and doing scales/Arpeggios, as you teach in the daily practice routine, has forced me to notice things in my embouchure muscles and air support in a different way–hope what I’m saying makes sense. Your beginners’ guide/daily routine is what I’m doing for the next several months and I’m not worried about anything else at this point. Video uploads etc. will come in time soon.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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