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      Well ‘Poke a Bowl of Jelly with a Shaking Stick’
      while Swinging ‘Two Rubber Chickens round a Rolling Pin’


        Good videos Sxpoet. It does feel like I do play until the cows come home some days.


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                There’s no such thing as free on the internet. On all the free websites i’ve visited it’s either 1) Pay money to access the useful stuff sold on their website or 2) the site gets commission by re-directing you to website that charges money for stuff 3) sites that sell your e-mail address on to junk mailers 4) worst of all these sites may install software on your devices that goes through all your contacts etc.. or might lock you out of your device and charge you to unlock your devices.

                The only thing to do now-a-days, is to have several extra e-mail address to use if you are unsure of any website that you are signing up to. That way if you get tons of spam e-mails, you can get rid of your e-mail address. Just keep one e-mail address for anything related to banking or legitimate websites like your utility bills (gas, electric water, rates etc..)

                There’s nothing worse than using one e-mail address and having to move everything to a new e-mail address, and having to go on every website and change to your new e-mail address. Play safe have at least 4 e-mail addresses 1) banking 2) close friends and relations 3) trusted shopping sites 4) websites you are unsure of and only intend to buy something once.

                Finally buy virus software for all your devices, and also buy a VPN software (ex atlassVPN) to use on your devices – VPN software will give you extra protection for websites trying to locate your isp and will also inform of a public wifi service that is un-secure ie open to hackers.

                The other advice, is if you have problems with your devices not working properly, make sure you go directly to the website that PUT the software on you device OR built your device (manufacturer)

                A lot of websites on the internet are fake and will charge you for fixing nothing on your device, and will have access to everything on your device IF you let them have access to your device to fix it.

              Viewing 6 posts - 11 through 16 (of 16 total)
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