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      Michael Kleid —- You Tube Rock and Roll … Great rendition!
      [ @John has a rockin’ of this air, just love it too]
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        ya Michael has been a member here for a long time…he downloads many of the tracks and makes his own unique and entertaining videos.


          says Beverley. “Here I have tried to copy Johnny Ferreira’s rhythm, nuances, effects etc as closely as possible. A painful dissection bar by bar. My intonation on the high notes is strained and I had to play them with a tuner by my side. But I am pleased I hit the high F# with fall off to A ”

          ya verily you’re the quintessential flavour of the month it would seem! You are the best!! Cheers, Mark 🙂
          Kindly thanking you.


            Hey thanks, speaking of those higher notes I will be doing a video about that soon to help you guys out with those.


              i find practicing scales in the altissimo register helps, i only go up as far as Altissmo D, so i have to start the scale lower down.

              It’s taken me ages, but i can just about slur up and down altissimo keys, it’s a lot easier to tongue them separately.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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