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      I have two mouthpieces that I have progressed through that served me well during my early playing days that I tried to sell for a long time on line but decided to offer them up here for anyone on Johnny’s site who wishes to try them. The site and its’ members have been a great help to me so far so thought I could give something back. I have experienced first hand the challenge of finding a MP to buy “next” when you have been playing for a few months and you feel it’s time to step up and discover the minefield that is MP selection!. I started on a Yamaha 4C that came with my sax and then went to the two of these which are the 5C and then the Meyer 5M. I noticed the difference straight away and how my playing and tone improved with them both. If you are a player in your first two years these may be worth a try. Will post free to anywhere for the first to respond but please only take them if you intend to use them. Perhaps a small donation to Johnnys site would be possible on you receiving the items. Up to you to give back if you choose. That’s my good deed for the day. Cheers


        that’s very generous of you Dazza!

        If theres anyone reading this! If you have an old Selmar VI that’s sitting at home gathering dust, that you want to give away – I’m your man! Please Please get in contact with me.


          SXpoet – LOL, very funny. “We used to dreeeam of a proper Sax! The best we could do was a bit of old down pipe – rusted an’ all!”

          It seems that generosity and humour are two qualities which manifest amongst sax players. Good on you Dazza!

          Marc Justiniano

            Dazza, that is very nice of you to offer the mouth pieces to the guys here. Way to go!


              Lol – Well if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

              There must be an awful lot of people out there with a mark vi that are only keeping as a trophy or as an investment, when sadly it should be in the hands of a player like me (lol) ?

              i was talking to a decorator who told me as a kid they were so poor they had to take the bone out of their grannies corset to make soup!


                re. Granny corset bone soup – some will bend over backwards just to feed the kids!

                There must be quite a few top notch saxes just sitting locked away behind glass in collections.
                I wonder what a sax made from titanium would sound like? That would be cool!

                Now that I’m beginning to come right with the tone on my Tenor, I understand why it is the preferred Sax – it definitely has more soul.

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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