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      I should also like to add to the above.

      I learn’t to play guitar over 40 years ago, and i didn’t have the opportunity to have music lessons, the internet wasn’t around, and i had to rely on self taught guitar books, and comments from professional guitar players that played in church for free.

      So when i picked up the sax a few years ago, i adopted the universal approach – get a music teacher from day one, as i know the advantages of having a teacher, and the disadvantages of not having one, from playing guitar.

      But what i found very useful, is you can incorporate all of Johnny’s courses as well as having your own music lessons.

      As an example – Johnny’s Altissimo course has saved me a lot of valuable time and money in terms of not having to do it in music lessons time.

      Johnny’s improvisation courses are also great, if you are not sure if improvising appeals to you. Once you tried them, it will give you an idea of whats involved if you want to follow it up in your own music lessons, like i have.

      Improvising may not seem like fun to everyone, as it IS a lot of hard work. One thing i can say is i have plodded through 8 months of improvisation music lessons with a music teacher, it was only after 4 months i realised improvisation is such fun, and i found the ground very very very very boring. It’s like swimming in mud, and after four months it’s like swimming in a water, you suddenly realise what you can do, even at a very basic level, it’s the equivalent of learning to read.

      Most online music courses have some benifit, and promise you the earth. But at the end of the day, they don’t mean Squat unless you are prepared to put the work in.

      I only play for fun, but then it’s not fun if i can’t play properly – so for me there’s a fine line in how far i’m prepared to put the effort in.

      if you can’t get music lessons near you, why not try online skype music lessons?

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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