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      Hi Guys, I came across this info and found it interesting where each key has a specific mood.

      C = Innocently Happy
      Db = Grief, Depressive
      D = Triumphant, Victorious War-Cries
      Eb = Cruel, Hard, Yet Full of Devotion
      E = Quarrelsome, Boisterous, Incomplete Pleasure
      F = Furious, Quick-Tempered, Passing Regret
      F# = Conquering Difficulties, Sighs of Relief
      G = Serious, Magnificent, Fantasy
      Ab = Death, Eternity, Judgement
      A = Joyful, Pastoral, Declaration of Love
      Bb = Joyful, Quaint, Cheerful
      B = Harsh, Strong, Wild, Rage

      A = Tender, Plaintive, Pious
      Bb = Terrible, the Night, Mocking
      B = Solitary, Melancholic, Patience
      C = Innocently Sad, Love-Sick
      Db = Despair, Wailing, Weeping
      D = Serious, Pious, Ruminating
      Eb = Deep Distress, Existential Angst
      E = Effeminate, Amorous, Restless
      F = Obscure, Plaintive, Funereal
      F# = Gloomy, Passionate Resentment
      G = Discontent, Uneasiness
      Ab = Grumbling, Moaning, Wailing


        Clearly a song written about Tax Returns should be written in Ab minor 😉
        Therefore Bb minor for Tenor Sax and F minor for Alto Sax.


          In limine (L.), on the threshold, at the very outset. Wow, clearly, that is very thought provoking! Thanks for sharing!

          And, letz think about this tax thang; we could lament in concert Db and tear our hair out beat our chests and all lol

          From the Latin, there is in crying a certain pleasure.


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        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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