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    Neville Blake

      I am a newbie and concerned about upsetting the neighbours when practicing at home in my apartment. Can anyone suggest a way of reducing the volume, are there mutes for the saxophone? I've read that a box lined with egg boxes is good but I've tried this and find it is just as loud. I recently saw/heard a street musician in Vienna who was playing among the pavement restaurants. He played so quietly that you only noticed him when he was about 2 tables away. He had a plastic cup for money in the bell but I don't really think this reduced the volume so much.
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


        Yes, there are mutes you can buy for saxophones. Years ago when I studied you could only find them for alto but that's changed. I found a few here:

        If you don't want to spend the money try putting a small rolled up towel down the bell. The problem you may have is if you put it in too far it will make it VERY difficult to play the low notes because the towel gets in the way of the those tone holes. You will be limited in your range by doing this.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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