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    Mike Potter

      Hi Forum,

      Below are some clips from my last gig, I’ve been practicing minor/major pent and blues scales quite a bit over the last couple months, and listening quite a bit to some of my fave sax players (red prysock, Lee Allen, Big Jay McNeely, Sam Taylor) not that I’ll ever sound/play like them but I really like the phrasing I hear and try and emulate what I can (that’s a fancy work for stealing their licks!)… I get some inspiration from the out of the box stuff they play over standard I IV V chord progression. With the occasional II, V thrown in there. I’m probably my own worst critic as I typically don’t like my solos, but I’m not giving up. So, all feedback for improvement is more than welcome, trying to swing more and play scales less.

      Slower Blues:

      Upbeat Blues:

      Gary Deripaska

        VERY VERY NICE LOVED IT Love the sound, the licks, growl, all of it, Great job Mike !!

        Would love to play in a band here in Southern Cal. Just got to find one 🙂

        Gary D.


          Nice Mike, your buddy on drums used to be in WKRP in Cincinnati…no?

          Michael Bishop

            Great job Mike! Very cool 🙂

            john springer

              Seems to me like you already know how to play sax.
              Yes, I think that is Johnny Fever on the drums!

              Great sound! What MP and reed do you use?

              Mike Potter

                LOL!!! he does look like Johnny Fever!!! ha ha

                Mike Potter

                  Hi John, I’m using a Westcoast Sax MoFo II 8* mouthpiece and select jazz 3M reeds. I’ve also been using a Jody Jazz SuperJet 8* metal with the same reeds and get a pretty decent rock/blues sound out of it as well.

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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