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      My hope is to get everyone on a good foundation when it comes to reading music.
      The first lesson dealt with the basic whole, half, and quarter notes.
      Now we get into reading 8th notes and so I hope everyone continues on this because
      the upcoming 3rd reading lesson will be slightly more difficult!

      You’ll find the lesson link in the “Theory” section of your Premium Membership.


        You beaut. Thanking you kindly, @Johnny !!
        We are all one; and the only constant is change.
        I’m happy & i knowz it, and, gleefully clappin’ in time.

        From the popular song, Swing that Thing, “Singing that same song”.


        Study Finds Being Lonely Is Worse Than Smoking 15 Cigarettes A Day


          haha , right on with the my song references….good one Mark. Are ya diggin’ the tunes?


            Yo @Johnny

            Does a one-eyed cat enjoy peeping in a fish store?

            Relishing what i’m hearing thus far; and, you betcha certainly will be to the cows come home to pasture.
            Played the airs in no particular order. Some of the notes i can hear inside my head and play on the sax!!

            By the cat’s whiskers. Yee Ha! Cool for cats!! Incidentally, what is the sound of one paw clapping?

            Says A.A. Milne, one of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constanty making exciting discoveries.


              Reading 8th notes. A good exercise for reading 8th notes mixed in with quarter notes is “Sound of Silence” with the backing track. I posted Johnny’s backing track for “Sound of Silence” in my GarageBand and I play along the track keeping time. And about that One eyed cat peeping in a fish store sounds like a line from “Shake Rattle and Roll”.


                G’day @William

                Oh what great big rockin’ ears you have, cobber!! 🙂
                Love that tune, “Sound of Silence”, thanx for the tip.
                I’ve downloaded it and am gonna (drum) roll with it too, cheers


                  How to blow them away.


                    Haha @Jeff that’s a you beaut cracker mate 🙂

                    Anyways, on a more mundane and droll note –
                    Q. What do dead musicians do?
                    A. They decompose.

                    Something to look forwards to hey!!

                    Looking back –

                    [FYI check out the vid below being about 2:40 – 3:00
                    Hey i guess ya mighta seen this before too?]


                      Hi Saxo, practice, practice and a little more practice …


                        HA ha ya crack me up pal!! Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.

                        Says Paul Whiteman, Jazz tickles your muscles, symphonies stretch your soul.

                        Hey @Jeff i saw this earlier on FB this day, which makes me appreciate our very own in house Professor @Johnny moreso:


                      Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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