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    Matt Wheeler

      Took Johnnys advise once again and it was gold,I had a metal ligature that i was using that came with the sax i bought. After seeing his video on ligatures i invested in the happy medium ligature made of leather.Man what a difference it makes for the sound my squeaking has been almost eliminated as well as being able to hit the low C starting off from the bottom and moving up through the notes. So my set up now is a selmer C80* Mouthpiece with a Rico Royal 1.1/2 and now this new ligature.The set
      up is very free blowing with not a lot of resistance for playing softly and easy. I can still get loud if necessary but this is to my liking the way it is. If i need to get any louder i will hook up a amp.LOL. Thanks again Johnny for the advise. I will keep watching for more of your lifelong knowledge from experience.
      Mattsax (4 months into sax playing now.)

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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