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      Hi all.
      I had to change reed since my usual reed developed a split. I took out a brand new reed soften it as much as I could, the result is that the middle register sounds cloudy in fact it sound more like a shell. I changed to a second reed after about a week of usege and the same problems continues. Sometimes the middle D just does not comes out. It makes me sound like an absolute beginner. So I wondering if the problem is the reeds or the horn. Could anyone offer possible solutions, this is really setting me back.


      I use Rico plasticover No.2 reeds


        Middle D is always the hardest key to play with a tone similar to middle C. You can play middle perfectly in tune with a tuner, but the tonal sound is hard to match with the tonal sound of middle c, so it sounds as if its out of tune, when it isn’t. With more experience your embouchure will improve to make it sound better.

        If you dont understand what i am talking about, play a normal Bb and then compare the sound to the alternative Bb fingering positions, they all tonaly sound slightly different

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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