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    So gang! whoop whoop all aboard ’twas rockin’ the night train boogie chillun one night just gone and whoo hoo like a train arushin’ SPARKS and gigantulan overtones came somethink outta the tunnel of saxophonic love with @John Ferriera and Colin James Band BIG steel wheels spinning and hissing blow your mind symphonies tune in or drop out ….

    wot you think? YA

    on the grapevine like i mean the Permananent Way man super freak get outta here, have you not got your mojo workin’ or wots wrong with ya get down get up again get funky


    ps i wrote this verbage all straight no hooter (maryjane) or mind altering drugs whatsoever like bang a gong i’m already toast suggest get with the program just listen and you be needin’ no dictionary or theasaurus of love youse gangster of love ‘n good times y

    Johnny Ferreira “Rock & Roll Saxophonist”

    ——ya NOW HEAR THIS —– recognise the riff below from any licks ya heard or SEEN before?? way cool hey!!


    aghhh! e before i

    sx poet

    я (Вас) не розумію.


    Yo sx poet ‘ol mate!
    Hod dog but ain’t thou arte way cool!!
    Мені казали “прівєт”,
    Мені казали “здравствуй”
    І “давай до свіданья”
    Казали мені.

    You have touched the thing with a needle (not a record player one ‘though) : you have hit it exactly.

    Our colleages are désorienté, sad to relate.. But you and only you to date have solved the puzzle. Blow us away!

    Hmm. What ails them? Could it be some screwball has put iodine in their cofee, say? 🙂

    Ya. You can now go past GO and collect your $200-, that is towards a spankin’ new tenor saxophone.

    is sure gonna be very proud of you havin’ ya ears on all the while! YaYa. And, as indeed, we all are.

    Keep on rockin’! You are the man. Whhoo, train whistle blowin, all aboard.


    —- / —-

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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