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    Hiya there fellow heavy breathers / blowers:

    wow i saw this sweet thang on playing off the wall with long tones;
    itz likely very groovy for developing ears –



    FYI also have recently discovered Tunebat and Chordify (oft proving pretty handy!)
    Worth a Bo Peep, that is if you’re so inclined, hey try a song, seems exhaustive –

    [Have a good look at “Camelot”}



    Closing, as you may appreciate, here’s Little Walter warbling on a C harp 🙂





    Hello Everybody !!

    D’you know how to get the book, An Approach To The Saxophone’s Third Register, that is being as described “Here” ?
    See link.
    Thanx kindly

    Practicing Voicing to Make Your Sound Bigger and More Focused


    wow that’s alot of thinking …I’ve always thougth of voicing as the positioning of chords (and it is) but these guys are talking about something else.

    I use to listen to Little Walter a lot, really love his sound



    hiya, hey all, yep some guys are really out there ‘eh
    far out
    Do you remember this one?
    “flying sauce”
    Concert key of D // E for sax

    many thanx for the latest Emails about your Licks Based on the Dominant 7 Scale
    if i had a beard i’d be singing in it
    yo thanks for helping us sing in the sax, Johnny
    tra la la lala, dah dahda!!



    nb this an interesting air @johnny as he plays C Chromatic Super 64 in 3rd position to start
    one step behind key signature, gives eerie minor sound, ephemeral riffs
    lotsa sucking eg 6suck to 4 suck, and then 1blow or 4b, say

    then he switches to a G diatonic ten hole in 2nd position
    skip warbles 4/5 suck, creates tension on 4s and 4s bent, resolves on 2suck (=6blow), turn around on 4blow (=1blow), gutsy

    a nice one to jam along with on sax fellas 🙂
    i can elaborate on some riffs if anyone interested?
    but gotta go now and buy me a bottle ‘a Tequila!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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