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      I have downloaded just the two of us for alto sax but i am not sure what pentotonic scale to use on the improvisation part can anyone help me please…pete…Spain


        sure Pete. you use the D minor pentatonic. But you should know how to figure this out on your own…it’s easy;
        look at your sheet music; you see the key signature is one flat. That means it’s either in the key of F major or D minor. These are the only 2 keys that have one flat.
        Next we need to figure out if it’s in F major or D minor. Most times the answer is in the very last chord, or the 2 last cheords.
        you’ll see that the last chord is a D minor which has an A7 before it. This is the most common progression in music; 5 to 1.
        5 to 1 is the most common way to end a song. If this song was in F major it would end with a Bb7 to F so you know it’s in D minor…make sense?
        as for the D minor pentatonic scale, once you learn it and know it, have a look at the somg’s melody…it made up mainly with the notes that make up that scale so you know you can’t go wrong.


          Hello John, thanks for the reply yes it makes sense now i am grateful for the clear explanation, i am enjoying learning from other downloads also, they are great value thanks again…pete

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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