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    Bill Hammond

      I thought I would start a thread to discuss types reeds and mouthpieces that are most effective while playing in the altissimo range. I use a Ralph Morgan rubber, Otto Link metal mouthpieces and Vandoren ZZ #3. I am still having trouble consistently hitting notes above Bb. I have experimenting with 3 1/2 reeds, however its difficult in the low range of the horn. Any thoughts?


        I like Carbon onyx reeds Medium strength and Copper #2


          Guardala King mouthpiece / using Unfiled Jazz Select D’adario Reeds

          i only practice up to and including altissimo D, the only problem notes i have are on altissimo B and altissimo Bb. i find some altissimo notes are more sensitive to how you position the reed on my mouthpiece, a slight adjustment of the reed position and alignment and they pop out a lot better.

          i prefer reeds, you get them nice and soggy and you can start bending notes really slow, smooth and less harsh. The thing i find with altissimo notes, they work a lot better when you practice scales in the altissimo range giving you better control. it’s more the player with a lot of practice can play on any reed.

          Jazz Cat

            any other favorite fiberreds for altissimo?

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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