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      last time i looked i had a beer belly🍺, now i’ve got a Keg belly🙈.

      So time to take action before i get a whale belly🐋.

      So today i started doing a 1 hour brisk walk🏃🏽 4 days a week.

      So not to loose out on my sax time, i march to the count 1 2 3 4,
      and do various counting exercises to the beat of the feet!

      Mark Kiziuk



          tips i picked from hearing one pro talking to another – just because you don’t have a sax in your hand, you can still practice music anywhere, anytime.

          So if you’re doing some boring mundane task, you can practice anything from thinking up improvisation, recalling music theory, practice timing etc… in the dentists chair for instance, to take your mind off the drill ..

          Mark Kiziuk

            Good point! At work I practice mouth exercises, I make my mouth look like I’m whistling, then turn it into a big smile, over and over again, this helps on my embouchure (probably spelled wrong), and I’m constantly moving my fingers every chance I get to the C major scale (that’s what I’m practicing now in Johnny’s course), his courses r the best!

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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