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      Hey guys, on 2 recent song videos (Soul Serenade and Ghost Riders in the Sky) I added a quick lesson at the end of these videos to demonstrate a few of the trills used in these tunes because these trills were quite predominant. I decide to put these 2 short trill lessons together apart from the song videos just in case you didn’t notice them and also make it more convenient to look at the lessons.
      You’ll find it as the most recent post in the “Blog” section.

      The Trills
      Besides the quite regular whole step trill there are some minor 3rd’s which are very useful in rock, pop, and blues and I use them all the time.
      There is also the low Bb trill that I call a “shake” and it works by holding down some notes while shaking the low Bb key, this can be a really cool little trick for anyone who takes a minute to learn it if you haven’t already.
      The direct post link is here:

      Saxophone Trills – Some Common and Some Not So Common

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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