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      Wayne Galtier

        OH MAN !!!!!!!! Sure wish I could do that. I haven’t yet tried to conquer altissimo. It’s pretty amazing watching you on that video.




          Hi Wayne,

          if you want to check out John’s Premium Membership, note there is a module on Tone Development which includes his comprehensive video course on the altissimo range.

          How are your overtones, starting from low Bb?

          Sometimes i can hit altissimo g sometimes not, i find you need to bounce your airstream of your top palate and really center the air stream through the mp. But, still a long way to go for me for consistency!

          Who is Sir Valorsax? Note if you get YouTube crappo messages about adblockers lately just log out of your YouTube account and go back in not signed in (viz incognito). There is an algorithm last week or so blocking users as they want you to watch their ads and trailers (generates an income stream) or to go Premium.

          FYI ~

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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