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    Michael Bishop

      Check out this super-cool, groovy, bluesy, rockin’ song ‘Some Like it Hot’. Lots of great Sax lines in here too. This is the stuff I really love 🙂


        Yes – 4 sure
        Way cool Michael 🙂
        This guy has some great tunes on his channel, coupla good tunes here –

        Mike Potter

          Michael Antunes, great rock and roll sax player!

          Mike Potter

            Here’s a video of Michael playing at some club – shotgun, he sings it as well.


              Blow me away
              awh thanks Mike
              heaps groovy – he has lotsa shake and fingerpop hey!
              can hear the song has it all except, but not all that many palm key high end notes a Jr hits
              great solo
              excellent voacalist
              you beauty i luv it

              peace and rainbows
              the Cave is really resonating

              thanks for the guiding fins and compass points
              hope that big S honkin’ for ya by hook or by crook

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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