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      Talking about getting back to basics and the building blocks of sound.

      Very interesting…


        submitted twice in here and it hasn’t appeared


          if you want to take your overtones to another level,
          he has a chapter on overtone exercises that i am currently
          working through – i thought i could do overtones until i tried
          out his various exercises which were difficult to start out,
          but makes you really work/controll overtones.

          The exercises he provides are the bsst i’ve come across.
          But a word of advice you still need JF’s course to get the
          overtones 1st, once you’ve got Through JF’s overtones course,
          then Liebands shows you how little you are experienced in playing


            ah it works now


                Thanks guys, what a great teacher he is.


                  Thank you for sharing this Dazza!
                  I finally freed up a couple hours to watch this video and it’s so amazing. It really puts playing, sound, and our practicing in perspective! I really recommend viewing this if you get the chance too! I agree with you Johnny, what a great teacher. I was really mesmerized for 2 hours viewing this. I know he just sold another book!! LOL.


                    Hey all, after a simple search I found a copy of this book posted online:


                    Enjoy! Great stuff!


                      Thanks Jake. I searched our local book suppliers, but no luck there. Now this afternoon I’ve read half of this book. It is very informative and offers a good reference for training and correction in problem areas. If I can find a copy of his new book which Sxpoet mentioned I will most certainly purchase a copy. Cheers

                    Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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