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      Folks: This is very interesting to me. I have taken Skype lessons with Johnny in the past. I think 4 or 5? Maybe more? First of all, you are going to meet a very nice guy! He is very interested in you progressing with your playing! He will listen, watch you play your horn and make suggestions on how you can get better! He will advise you on your approach to all things to better yourself. I can not believe someone said no? I look forward to getting together with Johnny again and the others that join. It’s been too long for me!! Tim


        I hope there will be many skype lesson. Learning from sax master is privilege for me. So I can’t wait…


          Hi Gents i’m looking forwards to skyping too, apparently the whole is more than the sum of the parts.
          This eve i learnt about a program called “Band in a Box” from my jazz guitarist friend, he’s gonna cut a copy of his 2006 version for me soon.
          It is gonna really help in my sight reading for starters! And impro later. It is amazing!

          Have you seen it beforehand @Tim56 and @Simon?

          The latest edition is about six hundred bucks and apparently they send you a hard drive with the program, has a tetra gig of memory to run it..
          Showed him, the guitar fella, the Colin James Band song, Five Long Years, i said ya gotta check out the sax player on this man!!
          But all he had to say right up was hey that’s been double tracked in the studio, gives it, a full chorusy sound, yeah, hmm howz about the vocalist he is so 80’s and camp. Geez i dunno, i reckons, it was made a long time back now, yep the singer is a good looking bloke, and y’know the song is about a girl and all ‘eh..
          Hang about, he then wants to show me a Ben Webster track being before the best part of the song, that is the sax solo! Stone the crows! Crikey Moses.
          Next he’s showing me tracks of Ornette Coleman (bit wanky), Adrian Galanti, Coleman Hawkins (forefather of jazz music), Sydney Bechet (father of soprano sax) and stuff. Point is, lotsa stuff can be learnt learning with and around others, is it not so?

          Anyways here’s some cool kinda double tracking, so whatta ya reckon?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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