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    Leo Salu


        Wow Leo!
        Great tone you are developing! Nice trilling and syncopation and finally, great growls. No argument of the big stick here, say, even if you had a pole in the room ya! Well played mate, very impressive. Oooh la la!!

        Cheers Mark
        ps i have laybyed a yts 23 on your reccommendation, $1500-, thanx so much for all your help, getting repadded now 🙂

        Leo Salu

          Thanks Mark appreciate your comments, that’s what is great about Johnny site, lots of fellow saxophone players that all love the saxophone!
          Hope you have good luck with your YtS 23, you can see mine quite clearly in the video. With new pads you will have a great horn. I was
          lucky, my horn was in great shape, got it from a company on line called Reverb a couple of years ago.


            nicely done Leo! playing along really well to the backing track and tone is getting better evrytime I hear you.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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