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    Wow just got my new mouthpiece today!

    Made from new materials – not ebonite,
    which theo claims is more resonant than
    ebonite mouthpieces!

    My instructor has one of the first ebonite
    selmar solo mouthpieces, and he claims
    it sounds better than modern day ebonite
    selmar solo mouthpieces. Which suggests
    that original ebonite miuthpieces maybe
    different to present day ones in terms of
    the way they are made.

    I think Theo claims his A.R.T. material is
    closer to the original ebonites! Who knows
    any way?

    Can’t wait to try it out! after i’ve soaked some
    new reeds for it!


    cool – looks like the next generation of mouthpieces are here on planet earth!
    I hope it creates a new generation sound for the Sax – that would be awesome!

    Abe Sloan

    So JB, What can you tell us about that mouthpiece?


    Abe – its a trophy piece!
    Its too loud to play in small rooms!

    Because i’m working on alto sax grades, it’s not suitable for classical music. It’s ideal for Jazz big band playing.

    I use a selmar mouthpiece – which is ideal for doing classical music as it has the correct tone/projection.

    Abe Sloan

    Good to know JB. I cannot afford one anyway. When I got my new Yani 2 months ago It came with a Yani 5 mouthpiece which I found unplayable so I got a Selmer C*. Last week I gave the Yani mp another try and and I really like it. It plays in tune better up and down the horn and the tones at both ends are much easier. Next is reeds. My teacher says that it will take 6 more months for the changes that I am going through now to yield to stability. Practice, patience, patient practice, and practice patience, his formula for eventual success.


    Absolutely Abe!
    i remember the day when my teacher got a new mouthpiece he wanted, i said to him – ‘well go on then,
    lets hear you play it’
    He played jazz up and down the sax, and then stopped and said there’s lots of harmonics in the notes
    that i don’t want to hear, it’l take my at least 2 weeks to get it to sound (embouchure wise) how the
    notes should sound correctly – at that time i was just starting the altissimo course on overtones, so i
    didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, i couldn’t hear anything wrong, but he could, obviously being
    a pro, he’d developed a very good ear over the years.

    Long tones & full chromatic scales – work wonders, in a matter of several weeks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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