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      Here three tunes I’ve transposed from Piano sheet music. I hope you can hear an improvement.

      Limehouse Blues

      Summer Samba



        Well played Jeff, your tone has definitely improved a lot, since your last uploads.

        Concentrate more on keeping the pieces flowing, ie watch those gaps/rests/pauses,
        try and shorten the gaps in playing.
        It could be the transposition, or you just need to grab a new breath more quickly.

        I like the samba, the best.

        keep uploading


          The only other thing, is the dynamics in spender, louder louder, softly softly – like the singers voice


            @Jeff – looks like non-premium members don’t get any feed back?


              Next time I’ll ask Ava to hold the mike closer to the squeakers!


                Get Ava to bring all her friends along, and liven things up, squeek wise.

                Had an interesting morning in Manchester with my youngest daughter, she wants to do a degree in music production (ie producer), watched an upcoming band playing, and met a few people who work in the music industry producing alongside some big name artists. A very diverse field music industry is.
                I never realised how many different professional jobs you can do in the music industry, that doesn’t involve playing an instrument. Quite an eye opener.


                  From what I’ve heard one no longer requires the ability to read music either!


                    The only requirements is a pass in grade 5 music theory, to get on a university course, even if you dont play an instrument.


                      Hi @jeff and @sxpoet

                      yes @Jeff there is certainly improvement from your earlier Pink Floyd air, say, for sure !!
                      it grows as it goes
                      better projection
                      good to see you experimenting with transpositions, nice one mate
                      these airs demonstrate good technical ability and a growing improvement with your instrument’s range

                      @sxpoet insofar to your prior comment =
                      “@jeff – looks like non-premium members don’t get any feed back?”

                      i put it to you that particular comment is felicity of expression – “because of this, therefore that”
                      it’s crooked logic – sorry
                      what is, is

                      ‘indignation inspires verse’

                      most of the fellas here play tenor, and, methinks it’s got a lot more voice and grunt and effect than alto

                      candidly lots of the guys are probably just to polite to say anything hey and moreover the tunes are tame

                      my 2c

                      1) sounds like a nursery hootennanny there is no colour or harmonic separation
                      2) no warmth or gusto, lacks swing and syncopation, no dynamics, timing rough, little flavour
                      3) timing is atrocious, the notes are stilted and bland, running out of puff and losing intonation at the end

                      that said you are doing much better than me good buddy 🙂
                      the drop wears away the stone
                      you can tell they are songs for piano
                      great effort all the while – don’t be so tremolous and vary the vibe
                      it probably gets better with a few more takes
                      again, these airs demonstrate good technical ability and a growing improvement with your instrument’s range
                      keep uploading, chin up, shoulders back, all the best @Jeff and bye for now
                      fax mentis incendium gloriae / the passion for glory is a torch to the mind


                        Hi Saxo, you make some interesting points (1-3). Why should beginners post their efforts when they know they can’t measure up to the Pros? There must be a better way to measure and track progress. Do you have any suggestions?

                      Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 15 total)
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