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      Johnny – thank you for considering the additional tune, I need ‘the mustard’ to make my sax sound hot! 🙂

      I have two copies of ‘Moonlight’ and they both range from the C two lines below the Bass clef, up to D two lines above treble clef. I have kept the triplet rhythm of the left hand and substituted the left hand notes with the right when they appear. I also emphasize these notes when playing the tune to make them stand out more. I’m note sure if this is the ‘correct’ thing to do. If I could play in the altissimo range I would keep the music just as it is, and not move parts up and down to compress the range. It would be awesome to hear this tune sweeping up and down on the Sax hint! hint!

      When I can play this tune without making too many mistakes, I’ll do an upload so the members can comment on my compressed version.

    Viewing 11 post (of 11 total)
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