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    Andrew Gibson

      Hey, I’ve been experimenting lately with lightly running a hair dryer over my sax and reed to prevent moisture build up; during, and after a session. I know from playing bagpipes I’m a “wet” blower, with lots of moisture in my breath and the dryer reduces the build up in the reed and the rest of the sax.


        interesting never come across anyone using a hair dryer.

        I brush my teeth before playing the sax, and only drink water until i’ve finished playing the sax, so no food paricles end up inside my sax, and no smelly drinks foul or stain the inside – result my sax has no odours inside it, from rotting food particles, messy drinks stains etc.

        i use a pull through cloth if it builds up with saliva while i’m playing and after i’ve finished playing. The only thing i don’t do is leave the sax on a stand to dry out from the surrounding room air (in case it gets knocked off the stand) before putting it back in the case.

        To avoid other germs and odours, i store my reeds in a mix of water and mouth wash when not in use. I dry the reeds with a cloth before playing and there good to go instantly and last months – the current reed is over 6 months old up, the last reed i threw away was because i carelessly knocked it.

        I use la voz reeds, and everyone so far has worked straight out the box.
        I put that down to as you go up in reed sizes, they are more physically tougher than the beginners reeds.

        i couldn’t trust myself with a hairdryer, though it does sound tempting.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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